About us

With the mission "Care with professionalism, ethics and empathy", Vinmec - a non-profit healthcare system was developed by Vingroup - the leading private economic consortium of Vietnam.

Since establishment in 2012, seven Vinmec general hospitals have come into operation and Vinmec plans to open ten more hospitals nationwide by 2020. Vinmec is a combination of state-of-the-art facility, leading medical professional team, latest medical advancements and excellent service quality, this is the reason why Vinmec has become an international-standard healthcare brand in Vietnam.

Over the years, Vinmec has constantly strived to implement its mission, being the only private healthcare system in Vietnam which
     ● Does not operate for profit
     ● Has 2 JCI-accredited hospitals – meeting the most rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety.
     ● Emphasizes investment in research and technology to improve the quality of medical care.

Vinmec consists of three closely associated components:
     ● Hospitals
     ● Research institutes
     ● Training system (in collaboration with VinUni University).

Alongside the development of hospital chain, specialized research institutes have been established, namely "Vinmec Research Institute of Stem cell and Gene technology", "Vinmec Research Institute of Oncology". These institute embrace the standard model that world's leading healthcare systems are investing, and will lay a strong foundation for future development of Vinmec and narrow the gap with developed countries in the region and the world.



“We care with compassion,

professionalism and wisdom"