With the motto “Great connection, great care", Vinmec currently gathers a faculty of leading, highly skilled and experienced Vietnamese and foreign medical experts in an effort to become the leading private healthcare system in Vietnam in terms of both expertise and technology in health care services”
    – Mrs. Le Thuy Anh – CEO of Vinmec International General Hospital JSC

  • “Human resource is the key factor to the success of Vinmec. Therefore, we have always emphasized the recruitment and investment in quality personnel, as well as developed them to an excellent workforce. At the same time, Vinmec creates a dynamic, professional and human-centered working environment, which enables everyone to attain their full potential, create their personal brand, and gradually integrate with global-class healthcare workforce.”
    – Mrs. Le Bao Thoa – HR & Training Director of Vinmec International General Hospital JSC


At Vinmec, there are countless opportunities for training and professional development. In order to improve our doctors’ medical expertise and soft skills, we offer them opportunities to attend postgraduate programs (Master, PhD), training courses and medical conferences in Vietnam and abroad.

In addition, Vinmec is expanding the network of global partnership with medical facilities in the USA, France, Japan, Korea and Singapore. This cooperation not only allows us to access the latest medical technologies but also brings direct training and learning opportunity from international experts in various specialties to our staffs.

Vinmec has been officially granted Continuous Medical Education (CME) code by Ministry of Health. In another words, Vinmec is becoming a CME training facility which issue accredited certificates to medical professionals.


Vinmec hospitals will be the teaching hospitals of Health Sciences Program, VinUni University - a break-through, global-standard medical education model in Vietnam. This means that medical professionals will have practice, teaching and scientific research opportunities right in Vinmec healthcare system.

Vinmec’s expansion plan will put 6 more hospitals into operation in the next 3-5 years, This implies the international-standard training opportunities to become managers – economists – administrators in healthcare field.


  • Competitive compensation for employees with teaching, clinical and scientific research capacity, good foreign language proficiency
  • Desirable incentives and insurance regime for employees and family.
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Special promotion programs to employees and family applicable for services provided by Vinmec and other subsidiary companies of Vingroup.


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