Vinpearl is the brand that owns Vietnam’s largest international five-star hotel & resort chain. Honored throughout the world, the brand has locations in some of the the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam. After 15 years of operational experience it now owns 43 facilities and 17,000 rooms and villas nationwide. The company is expected to continue expanding in the near future.

As a leader in the hospitality industry in Vietnam, Vinpearl is raising the bar as a tourist ecosystem, providing all-in-one services as well as a chain of hotels and resorts, amusement parks, animal safaris, golf courses, spas, and five-star conference centers integrated with commercial centers and modern shop houses.

Vinpearl aims to facilitate travelers with the freedom to experience holidays that enable them to play, explore or simply relax with their loved ones. Vinpearl enhances your experience with high-end services and a perfect journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam’s nature, culture and people.

Vinpearl’s wide range of ballrooms provides flexible and world-class conference facilities with professional services, modern equipment and diverse catering. Regularly considered as a first choice, Vinpearl provides experiencial holidays that benefit families, first and foremost, ensuring that life is full of happiness.

The company is constantly pursuing new experiences in a drive to exceed all customers’ needs and expectations, making Vietnam a new destination for Asian tourism.