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[VinSmart - HN] - Android Framework Developer

Ngày: 04-05-2021

Địa điểm: Hà Nội, VN

Công ty: Vingroup

Job Description:

  • Help create compelling APIs that allow developers to create efficient, powerful and performant applications.
  • Work on existing and new UI functionality and APIs, such as UI components, animations, text, layouts and the event processing system.
  • Work on system-level framework functionality such as activity management, user profiles, storage, and optimizing system performance and battery usage.
  • Create new features such as Architecture Components, which enable easier development by providing libraries and guidance on practical application development.
  • Drive and deliver customizations to the Android Framework 
  • Define and deliver new and unique features that will differentiate the product.
  • Drive stability and performance across the product lines and implement best practices.



  • Expertise in programming languages like Java,C,C++,Kotlin, JNI Programming. (Linux based development).
  • Good understanding of Binder, Shared memory and IPC mechanisms in Android.
  • Strong knowledge on Android UI, Multithreading, Asynctask, ART, Dalvik, System Library.
  • Good understanding of Android Architecture, Android Ecosystem and Android Debugging.
  • Knowledge on Google Certification CTS/VTS and GTS.
  • Hands on : Git, Android Studio, GDB, ADB, Logcat, Tombstones, ANR, Eclipse.
  • Have deep knowledge of multiple Android components like views and view composition, media framework, media routing, media services, activity manager, package manager, display manager
  • OS concepts (multi-core processing, threads, processes, sockets, etc), algorithms, data structures.
  • Strong reverse engineering skills.
  • Have worked with SE-Android, AOSP, HAL, NDK, display manager, virtual displays
  • Advanced knowledge of revision control and code review tools like git, gerrit and build infrastructure like gradle, maven, jenkins
  • Experience in building the whole android source code, adding or/and removing components, and flashing the image
  • Experience in analysing Android Native Crashes, Logcat, watchdog, Memory leak etc.
  • Experience on JNI, Services, AIDL & ANR
  • Worked with components like ActivityManagerService, PackageManagerService, WiFiService or any System Service.



Please send your updated CV to v.trangttt51@vinsmart.net.vn or contact 0987.422.514 for more detail.